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ATLAS - new show by Oddly Moving

Atlas premiered in Spring 2022 and will be touring throughout 2023. Created by Oddly Moving, produced by Turtle Key Arts, directed by Charlotte Mooney.

Atlas tells the story of the Greek Myth of Atlas holding the weight of the cosmos; using physical theatre, circus, autobiographical storytelling and projection.

Film Credit: Primo Films

Shakespeare's Women: Hanging by a Thread

Performance as Ophelia, at Bristol Shakespeare Festival 2019, at Circomedia. Following R&D with Michael Corbidge exploring combining Shakespeare and Aerial, with dramatugical help from Helen Parke.

He Ain't Heavy - Trailer

Created by Oddly Moving and produced by Turtle Key Arts. He Ain't Heavy premiered Autumn 2017 and toured in the Spring and Autumn of 2018.

For more information:

Film Credit: Primo Films

He Ain't Heavy, R&D


A short documentary following the R&D process for 'He Ain't Heavy.'

Including an extract of performance from:
VOLT:Women in Circus, Ausform. October 2015.


Film Credit: Joshua Wakely

Doubles Rope


An extract of work by Willow Vidal-Hall and Grania Pickard. Performed at Ausform's scratch night Volt, hosted by Circomedia on 4th November 2013.


Film Credit: Ausform. 

HUMAN - Doubles Rope Act

Performed and created by Lyn Routledge and Grania Pickard.

This performance took place in 2019 at a Ministry of Defence summer event, with costumes provided by Zu Aerial. 

Aerial Silks & Hoop - Teaser

Performed by Grania for Circus Fantastic, and filmed in Circomedia, Portland Square.

For more information or bookings get in touch.

Film Credit: Ash Peevor

Lady Macbeth, Act 1 Scene 5


This film is posted in the spirit of sharing a new idea, the online equivalent of opening my notebook and inviting you to take a look. It is complete in and of itself but not a finished product.


This came from a weeks residency at Proteus Theatre, seeing what I could create using aerial & text, with very varied starting points from cabaret to Shakespeare. On the last day I was joined by Giles to photo/film these discoveries but we were struck by the lighting in the art room next door and plans changed...


Filmed by Giles W Bennett. Edited by Grania.

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